Simple steps on how to clean iphone charging port effectively

All iPhone owners should be aware of how to clean iphone charging port. The phone’s screen and phone case are constantly cleaned, but the charging port is frequently forgotten. By no means does this need to be cleaned frequently, but if you don’t do it, gradually dust, debris, and other muck might accumulate in there, which will eventually prevent your iPhone from charging.

The problem is that, like the iPhone speakers, the charging port is very brittle, and if you don’t take care when cleaning it, you could end up doing permanent harm. Fortunately, we have compiled this thorough guide to walk you through precisely what you should and shouldn’t do. Here’s how to clean iphone charging port so you can use it to charge again.

Why is the charging port on my iPhone dirty?

Why is the charging port on my iPhone dirty?

You might wonder how your charging port ended up with so much muck in the first place. When you consider that the majority of us carry our phones around in our pockets and backpacks, it’s really not that shocking.

There is a variety of lint and dirt present here that can accumulate in the crevices. This dust will surely accumulate because it is pushed further into the port each time you plug in your charger.

What to avoid using to clean the charging port

Your initial instinct might be to blow hard into the charging port, but that could end up being more harmful than helpful. The port and its points of contact shouldn’t be exposed to hot, humid air from your mouth.

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Avoid inserting harsh substances, cleaning agents, or pointed items into your iPhone’s charging port. According to specialists, doing so could harm the inside machinery, which is made up of minuscule metal lines. No matter how thoroughly you clean the charger, it won’t function if the contact points are broken.

How to clean iphone charging port from dirty

How to clean iphone charging port from dirty

1. Turn off your iPhone first, if you haven’t done so before.

2. After that, get a flashlight and examine the situation. To be able to track your progress, it’s a good idea to do this after each stage as well.

3. Apple does not advise cleaning iPhones with compressed air. However, since this approach is well-known and effective, we have provided instructions how to clean iphone charging port for anyone who chooses to utilize it. Holding the can upright, blast the port a few times with compressed air from a can like Falcon Dust to remove any present dust. Once you’ve done that, try plugging in your iPhone to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, go to the following action.

How to clean iphone charging port from dirty by Falcon Dust

4. You can use a toothpick to try to remove any visible debris, but you must be extremely cautious because the charging point is easily damaged. Some websites advise wrapping a toothpick in cotton, however we advise against doing so because it can increase the amount of debris in the port.

Move the toothpick side to side while loosely inserting it to see whether it picks up any nearby trash. Right now, don’t put any strain on it. If there is any debris on the toothpick, remove it with a dry towel before using it again. In order to determine whether you’ve solved the issue, keep plugging in the phone in between motions.

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5. If there is still no reaction, scrape the toothpick lightly against the walls of the port, making sure to frequently examine the toothpick for debris. The port must only be subjected to very little pressure because it is so easily destroyed. Additionally, avoid the port’s sides because the anchors there are quite delicate.

6. You can also give the port a few of blasts of compressed air in between inserting toothpicks if you chose to do so. Nothing other than a toothpick should be inserted because using metal instruments would harm the port and force you to replace it entirely, which is not ideal.

7. You can carry on cleaning the iPhone in this manner until it responds. You will need to take it to an Apple service center if all else fails.

How to clean iphone charging port from water

How to clean iphone charging port from water


Your iPhone will display a warning if the charging port is damp.

Apple advises taking the following action how to clean iphone charging port:

1. To drain extra liquid, gently tap your iPhone on your hand with the Lightning connector facing downward. Place your iPhone in a dry location with air circulation.

2. Try using a Lightning cable to charge after at least 30 minutes, or connect a Lightning accessory.

3. There is still liquid in the Lightning port or between the pins of your Lightning cable if you get the alert once more. For up to a day, leave your iPhone in a dry location with airflow. During this time, you can attempt to connect or charge a Lightning accessory once more. Up to 24 hours may pass before it is completely dry.

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It’s time for maintenance now that you know how to clean iphone charging port. By routinely cleaning it with the aforementioned techniques, you can stop dirt and dust from accumulating. The port cannot be shielded from normal use, however routine cleaning will help you avoid the dreaded “iPhone not charging” error.

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